WHHA Voting Panel - The Majestic 13



The Majestic13 panel will be comprised of eleven (11) rotating voting panel members suggested from nominees provided by Hip Hop fans from all over the world. 


The remaining two (2) slots will be randomly chosen from fans who have participated in nominating a member or a recipient for an award.


It is our belief by allowing those individuals who love, respect and understand the value of the Hip-Hop culture to play an active role in the production of this event we are not only assuring that their voice play an active role in the voting process for WHHA but they are also playing an active role in preserving the legacy and the culture as a whole.




Do you know someone that possess the knowledge, respect, and understanding of the 5 ELEMENTS of the HIP HOP culture as well as the moral integrity to be on the  voting panel for the 1st Annual World Hip Hop Awards?


To nominate a Majestic 13 voting member -  fill out the form below.

Your participation will make you eligible to be chosen to serve on the panel yourself!



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