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   The 2024 WHHA will be streamed LIVE

worldwide from its proposed location, THE SPHERE in Las Vegas NV 

and in 2025 the proposed location will be THE COCA COLA ARENA

in the luxurious city of Dubai UAE 


The ''Two (2) Days of Hip Hop'' city-wide events

will be streamed LIVE worldwide on 






                    is a revolutionary social media platform that takes the most innovative wireless LIVE streaming technology and combines it with marketing, social media , and pay-per-view capabilities. With                      innovative  "share the wealth" and artistic freedom business protocols where users success is their priority. Users will enjoy the ability to monetize their brand and products effortlessly to every demographics simultaneously in a manner not seen on any other platform today.

























                      is social media platform for LEADERS that promises to be the most empowering tool ever placed

    in the hands of innovators, creators, and consumers.

SIGN UP below for your link to view LIVE from the proposed location LAS VEGAS, NV  
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