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It's BIGGER than HIP HOP !!

                                                              - Dead Prez 




COHH is a Not-For -Profit that will serve as a "safe space" for Hip Hop artists, encouraging them to embrace the original values of  Hip Hop culture, which embrace family, education, community, moral values, excellence, artistic genius & freedom, and creativity. By providing artistic and historical education, business services, mentorship, and funding opportunities to empower artists, COHH's role is pivotal in re-educating artists and audiences about Hip Hop's foundational values.

COHH aims to illuminate the concerning issues of gun violence, porn images , gangs and murder, racism, mental health, and mass incarceration that disproportionately affecting black males and black communities. These pressing challenges are intrinsically linked to the unfortunate marketing of

violent and crime culture as synonymous with black culture and Hip Hop music.

This community destroying business model of Hip Hop is now being marketed worldwide.























By highlighting the true protocols of Hip Hop we will re-educate on the rich history and moral values that define this influential culture, while at the same time providing a worldwide platform for artists to be celebrated and honored for their commitment to authentic Hip Hop, Bringing BALANCE back to the culture . We will instill a deeper understanding and admiration for the true essence of the culture that will resonate not only in the United States but within countries around the world.












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