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To re-EDUCATE the world on the metaphysical and gravitational powers of Hip-Hop culture and how that power can be used to create powerful change within themselves, their communities and the WORLD.


  To PRESERVE and PROVIDE a worldwide platform to educate the world on the true meaning and purpose of the Hip Hop culture as intended by its CREATORS.


To direct the culture back to BALANCE.


To provide a safe place where creators, thinkers and innovators who LIVE under the protocols of Hip Hop culture can receive guidance, monetary and artistic support for their empowerment and growth.
























Together we can free the Hip Hop culture from its current a state of false definitions, perceptions, compromise and exclusions, and restore it back to a positive affirmation for COMMUNITY POWER, SELF LOVE, CREATIVITY and FAMILY just as it once was and intended by the founders and the communities that shaped.


WE MUST put some RESPECT back on the name HIP HOP by removing the GUN VIOLENCEDRUGS, IGNORANCE, DESTRUCTION, CRIME and MURDER now closely associated and called Hip Hop.  













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