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An Emcee an oral griot and the conveyer of a message  MCing is the act of honestly vocalizing a story, one’s thoughts and/or opinions.  A true Hip Hop Emcee speaks his mind and true experiences - no one else’s unless when telling a story. His stories are funny, fun or to sound an alarm to the community on a destructive situation with the goal of providing or seeking a solution. He rhymes ''his way masterfully and original. He writes his OWN words- never allowing anyone to put words in his mouth. He “overstands’’ the power of words, therefore he uses them intelligently to build and uplift himself, his community and the society -  never in the detriment of.


The word “DJ’ comes from the African Djembe drum. The DJing pillar is the act bring forth the "heart beat" of the community/society - the art of the drum.  The DJ creates music , using various tools, be it by scratching, digging for records for sampling or using his own body and mouth to produce realistic sounds that mimic just about every instrument known - this is called beat boxing.  A Hip Hop DJ is a creator of music - he may use tools such as 2 turntables and a microphone and mixer but never will he use a tool that actually creates the music for him or make it easy for him to do so.  A true Hip Hop DJ lives for the challenge of creating music by perfecting the skills needed  to bring it forth. 


Breakdancing/Dance B-Boy/B-Girl 

The art of using the human body to express one's self uniquely - pushing the limits as to what is possible in the physical world. Connecting with a beat and allowing that "beat" to move and take over their bodies to tell a story deep within their subconscious. Disbursing metaphysical energies  thru powerful rhythmic movements; all to reach a higher consciousness and being - The art of the dance. With KNOWLEDGE your body movements defy gravity. Your movements are spiritual, metaphysical, sacred geometric and Hip Hop.

Graffiti Art/Visual Artist 

The mastering or partaking in the unique art form known as Graffiti Art.  Like the Kings of Egypt and other advanced societies before them, Graffiti - the writing & drawing on walls to document one's culture, one's self or to tell a story has been around since the beginning of time. These artists are direct descendants of these cultures and instinctively followed suit. Hip Hop Graffiti are nothing short of a modern version of the same. The unique expression shared with all thru the use of this public visual art form. Painting, Drawing, Sculpting and Design if it done to uplifts and empower ... its Hip Hop.


                             KNOWLEDGE is what makes you Hip Hop!

Knowledge stands as the paramount and defining element within Hip Hop, distinguishing it from mainstream society. It empowers individuals within the Hip Hop community to understand themselves and embrace the rich tapestry of human diversity.


Knowledge acts as a guiding force, enabling the community to express themselves authentically for the world to witness and derive benefit.

In the realm of Hip Hop, Knowledge manifests in diverse forms. It's what sets apart those immersed in Hip Hop, allowing them to seamlessly rhyme over any beat, be it addressing political, social issues, or reveling in the spirit of a party.


With Knowledge, a rapper can seamlessly educate and rap about complex subjects, offering insights and understanding. Conversely, a lack of Knowledge often leads to shallow content, promoting destructive behaviors and perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

Knowledge serves as the adhesive that binds the cultural fabric of Hip Hop, offering a clear blueprint and guidelines for the community. Without it, one may possess the technical skills to rap, mix records, or create graffiti, but they won't embody the essence of an emcee, DJ, or artist.


In essence, Knowledge defines what is truly Hip Hop, ensuring that the culture remains rooted in authenticity, education, and positive impact.


                   Knowledge builds it is the lack of Knowledge that destroys.




                                        HIP HOP has its roots in Khemit/Africa    

         The 5 Elements of Hip Hop -  MCing, DJing, Breakdancing, Graffiti, and KNOWLEDGE 


One must remember RAP, TRAP and GANGSTER music was created after Hip Hop therefore it can't be Hip Hop but rather a part or a spin-off of Hip Hop.     

 Do I have a problem with these inclusions?  Absolutely not, however what I do have a problem with is the lack of

                                                     BALANCE, the REDEFINITION and EXCLUSION of original HIP HOP music and culture.                                                                                                                                                              

                                                                                                                              - William Mckeown, VP of The Consortium of Hip Hop

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