HIP HOP has its roots in Khemit/Africa    

                       The 5 Elements of Hip Hop -  MCing, DJing, Breakdancing, Graffiti, and KNOWLEDGE 


MCing - 

An Emcee an oral griot and the conveyer of a message  MCing is the act of honestly vocalizing a story, one’s thoughts and/or opinions.  A true Hip Hop Emcee speaks his mind and true experiences - no one else’s unless when telling a story. His stories are funny, fun or to sound an alarm to the community on a destructive situation with the goal of providing or seeking a solution. He rhymes ''his way masterfully and original. He writes his OWN words- never allowing anyone to put words in his mouth. He “overstands’’ the power of words, therefore he uses them intelligently to build and uplift himself, his community and the society -  never in the detriment of.


DJing -

The word “DJ’ comes from the African Djembe drum. The DJing pillar is the act bring forth the "heart beat" of the community/society - the art of the drum.  The DJ creates music , using various tools, be it by scratching, digging for records for sampling or using his own body and mouth to produce realistic sounds that mimic just about every instrument known - this is called beat boxing.  A Hip Hop DJ is a creator of music - he may use tools such as 2 turntables and a microphone and mixer but never will he use a tool that actually creates the music for him or make it easy for him to do so.  A true Hip Hop DJ lives for the challenge of creating music by perfecting the skills needed  to bring it forth. 


Breakdancing/Dance B-Boy/Girl -

The art of using the human body to express one's self uniquely - pushing the limits as to what is possible in the physical world. Connecting with a beat and allowing that "beat" to move and take over their bodies to tell a story deep within their subconscious. DisbursIing metaphysical energies  thru powerful rhythmic movements; all to reach a higher consciousness and being - The art of the dance .


Graffiti Art/Visual Artist -

The mastering or partaking in the unique art form known as Graffiti Art.  Like the Kings of Egypt and other advanced societies before them, Graffiti - the writing & drawing on walls to document one's culture, one's self or to tell a story has been around since the beginning of time. These artists are direct descendants of these cultures and instinctively followed suit. Hip Hop Graffiti are nothing short of a modern version of the same. The unique expression shared with all thru the use of this public visual art form.  Painting, Drawing, Sculpting and Design if it done to uplifts and empower ... its Hip Hop.


Knowledge - 

Knowledge is the glue that holds the culture of Hip-Hop together and provides the blue print for clear definition and protocol. Without knowledge, a person who can rap will never be an emcee. A person who can mix records on a turntable can never be considered a DJ if he or she doesn't have knowledge. Tagging the walls without knowledge is just vandalism. Spinning on your head without possessing knowledge will only make you capable of getting dizzy or possibly break your neck - therefore it stands to reason that without knowledge which is intelligence... whatever it is that you are doing ...it's not Hip Hop.  Knowledge is the element that explains the difference between mainstream society and the Hip Hop community. It helps the people of Hip Hop learn themselves and embrace the differences of others. It teaches the community how to properly express themselves for the entire world to experience and benefit from. Knowledge can be seen in numerous ways. It explains the reason why folks who are in tune with Hip Hop can rhyme over any beat be the subject about political or  social issues or a party. With Knowledge, a rapper can be put on the spot and ask them to rap about the health care reform, and he can educate you one the whole subject - masterfully.  But a rapper lacking Knowledge, well this person will most likely say one or two lines about health care and twenty lines about how great they can rap, who they are going to kill in their own community, brag about destroying his own by selling drugs and promoting criminal acts, lie about how rich he is, what clothes he wears, disrespect women and brag about lude sexual behaviors and desires.  Knowledge BUILDS ...the lack of Knowledge DISTORTS and DESTROYS.


Another way Knowledge is portrayed in a piece dubbed "Tuff CityGraffitiffitti Artist, Skeme. This mesmerizing work of art  is not just a picture showing off his skills, but a story of corruption in the eyes of a then 17-year-old kid who sort to express this understanding to the world.

A true Graffiti Artist don't stop at writing his or her name on walls and on subway trains. They want everybody to know not only who they but their story. So they gain the Knowledge to express and displayed this in various works of art. In essence , Knowledge is the element that teaches the community and the society about their identity and how to express it. It provides self-respect, self-worth, and self-love, therefore nothing that destroys any of this would  enter realm.


The entire concept of Knowledge dates long before Hip-Hop; but it lies within its roots this is why Hip Hop is so powerful - AGAIN it's the MASTER and most important of all the 5 Elements - the conscious, spiritual and metaphysical understanding of using one or all of the Elements to know your limitless self and the why you do what it is you do. PURPOSE  the applying of, understanding and respect of culture, elders, ancestral roots and values. Having Knowledge means NEVER using one's art to glorifying, condone or partake in negative ills within the society and community. 


            No matter what is being pushed Knowledge - one of the 5 Elements of the Hip Hop as dictated by the

                                       CREATORS of the Hip Hop culture, it's not Hip Hop.


In its purest, form this culture of resistance took pride in its ability to have fun while simultaneously empowering, educating & uplifting the youth, community  and all who embraced it. Hip Hop culture embraces change, positive living & growth experimentation, and always challenges the status quo. Hip Hop culture celebrates life, creativity, unity, and empowerment; all with one goal in mind and that is to make positive changes in one's community and the society - that is what Hip Hop is and it's not up for debate nor re-definement. 


In its current state, this multifaceted empowering culture and lifestyle is now being perceived as reckless, dangerous, negative, materialistic, homosexual & homophobic, explosive towards women and destructive to its own self and the community due to the corrupted commercialization of the culture and the false labeling of unknowledgeable individuals  who "rap" as Hip Hop artists  


                         These perceptions are trying to overshadow the true definition of Hip Hop and its culture


We must not sit by and allow the Hip Hop culture to be re-defined by those who motives are questionable  Hip Hop was defined by its CREATORS, as a creative genre that expresses all facets of our community for empowerment and positive growth.  Hip Hop cannot be defined in one line, one paragraph, by one opinion or one action other than what Hip Hop is not. We must place more emphasis on the societal structures while holding individuals, corporations, media and artists wanting to label themselves as ''Hip Hop'' fully accountable for their collective and individual actions.


The annual World Hip Hop Awards will  highlight and re-educate the world to the true origins and the definition of Hip Hip - leading with  the 5 Elements - MCing, DJing, Dancing, Graffiti and most importantly KNOWLEDGE. The event will show Hip Hop's true worldwide  influence and power of this culture and introduce Hip Hop artists from all around the world on a global stage.. streamed LIVE to every corner.  This event will  embrace all artists and Hip Hop artists in the spirit of elevating their creative genius and knowledge, so they can be an empowering example in their communities thus the world  - that is Hip Hop. 


''RAP is a part of Hip Hop ... it's not Hip Hop.  

    HIP HOP is intelligent consciousness acting upon its self for the betterment of the community and the society.

                                                                             As a great man once said "RAP is what you DO ... HIP HOP is how you LIVE ''                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

                                                                                                                                                          - William Mckeown, COO The Consortium of Hip Hop